Comprehensive Weight Management for Morbid Obesity

Fairfield Medical Center, in conjunction with Dr. Timothy Custer, has developed a comprehensive approach to bariatric surgery - one that provides extensive support both before and following surgery to help ensure long-term weight management success.


Giving Patients A Longer Life To Live

Timothy Custer,
M.D. Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Custer has performed more than 1,000 weight-loss procedures including lap band, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. He provides a one-on-one consultation in preparation to joining the program, and guidance regarding which surgical procedure will best meet your patient’s needs and goals. Following surgery, Dr. Custer offers long-term follow-up and support.


"I had the best doctor & staff!"

FALLON lost more than 100 pounds by working with the comprehensive weight management team. “This was a huge lifestyle change for me and I am so glad I made it.” Fallon has continued to live a healthier lifestyle that includes eating right and staying active with her family.


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Establishing Lasting Healthy Habits

Emily Hargrove, Bariatric Dietitian

Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Bariatric Medicine

Emily conducts individual nutrition assessments and teaches preparatory nutrition classes to prepare patients for lifestyle changes post-surgery. She provides dietary education, as well as ongoing support, to patients both before and after surgery.


"I've never felt better!"

JERRY lost more than 90+ pounds by working with the comprehensive weight management team and is now able to walk, run and sleep through the night. He said, “I’ve talked to all my friends about Central Ohio Bariatrics and tell them there’s no where better to go!”

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Establishing The Right Mentality

William Vasilakis, Psy.D. Bariatric Psychologist,

Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Bariatric Medicine

Dr. Vasilakis coordinates behavioral healthcare with other professionals to optimize emotional and behavioral adjustment. He helps patients adjust to their new lifestyle. Dr. Vasilakis meets with patients before surgery to develop a plan that meets each patients individual needs.


"I feel so much better now!"

KARLA has lost more than 80 pounds by working with the comprehensive weight management team. She’s continuing to live a life that is focused on eating right, exercising regularly and spending time with her family. Karla has added years to her life!


Nutritional Counseling


Psychological Support


Medical Weight Management


Surgical Weight Loss


Long-Term Follow-Up


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